LIN consists of
professionals with good personality and outstanding ability.
The criteria we value the most in all of our professionals is their personality and ability.
Professionals with good personality diligently perform their tasks and meet the clients’ expectations.
In addition, such professionals create synergy and enhance the quality of the performance of LIN.
We believe it is essential for our professionals to have impeccable integrity. We also value exceptional capabilities.
Therefore, we engage professionals with proven skills.
With these professionals, we continuously strive for excellence—similar to that embodied in
"Qilin", the bright, auspicious and virtuous legendary animal.
LIN professionals work as a team
and provide "collective intelligence".
Our client is not legally represented by just one person, but by a team.
To solve each issue, LIN professionals work as a team and use our collective experience and
knowledge in a vast spectrum of law to assist our clients in achieving their desired objectives.
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LIN provides consistent support
from the beginning to the end of our representation.
Our clients are provided with our consistent support from the moment they
enter into our office until their cases become resolved.
Attorneys’ level of commitment to the case is directly linked to that of the client satisfaction.
Focusing on our clients’ satisfaction, LIN professionals approach every client’s case with the
utmost commitment to help achieve the best results possible from the beginning of
our representation until the case is closed.
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LIN empathizes with our clients.
Our clients communicate with us without time constraints.
We consider our clients to be our neighbors rather than just clients.
We consider our clients as our friends, going through the pain and the joy together.
Without being limited to our borders, we offer exceptional legal services to our clients worldwide,
connecting their domestic businesses with international opportunities as well as foreign companies with an array of domestic partners.
Consist of the professionals of warm heart and ample experience that led to acquiring a deep insight into a myriad of industries,
our firm focuses on discovering innovative solutions to complex legal challenges and ensuring client satisfaction.
Now, start your experience with LIN.
Why "LIN" ()?
  • 01
    Qi"lin" (Chinese: 麒麟), the colorfully splendid sacred beast (神獸)
    Qilin is an animal with colorfully splendid fur and a single long horn on its forehead. It is a legendary animal known to have the body of a deer, the tail of a cow, and hooves and a mane resembling those of a horse. From ancient times, qilin has been considered a sacred animal and one of the four divine creatures (四靈獸), along with the dragon, turtle, and phoenix.
  • 02
    "Qilin Child" (Wonder Child): A symbol of excellence
    Emperor Wu, of ancient China’s Han dynasty, is said to have built a pavilion that he named the "Qilin Pavilion," and there, he erected statues of his 11 vassals of merit. Since then, it has been deemed ideal for boys to have their own statue displayed in the Qilin Pavilion in recognition of their service to the state. Qilin symbolizes excellence, just as a child with excellent skills and abilities is called a "Qilin Child" (麒麟兒).
  • 03
    Qilin on our cultural assets
    Qilin is regarded as an auspicious and excellent animal and has emerged in our culture as connoting various symbolic values from ancient times. There are many cultural assets on which qilin has been used in various decorative patterns. The depiction of qilin can be found in the Goguryeo murals and some excavated roof tiles, such as roof-end tiles from the Unified Shilla Dynasty. These were also used in decorative patterns for the royal family during the Joseon Dynasty.
LIN continuously strives for excellence—similar to that embodied in qilin, the bright,
auspicious and virtuous legendary animal.
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