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[Interview] Jin Woo Jeon of LIN Named a "Best Lawyer" in the 2024 Law Firm Consumer Report
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"Engaging in in-depth conversations with clients to convey new knowledge and experiences"

Jin Woo Jeon (50, 33rd class) of LIN (Managing Partner: Jin Seok Lim) was named "Best Lawyers" in the "2024 Law Firm Evaluation" conducted by The Law Times.

In its "Law Firm Evaluation 2024," the Law Times asked who the "Best Lawyers" are. Rather than choosing one of the given options, respondents were supposed to answer by thinking of a "Best Lawyer” for themselves. Respondents were 588 legal officers from 117 companies, including the 30 largest companies and five largest financial holding companies. Real consumers of the legal market exercised their rights resolutely and with conviction.

There were a total of 499 respondents to the "Best Lawyers" survey, and some respondents picked more than one top lawyers, so the actual number of votes was 511, with 303 lawyers receiving at least one vote. Of those, 79 lawyers received two or more votes, and nine received five or more votes. Jin Woo Jeon of LIN was one of those nine, receiving a whopping five or more votes from the legal market consumers.

As the only lawyer from a mid-sized law firm who received multiple votes in the "Best Lawyers" category of the 2024 Law Firm Consumer Evaluation, Jeon is a graduate of Busan Chungang High School and Seoul National University Law School, passed the bar in 2001, and joined LIN in 2017, specializing in corporate law, M&A, management control disputes, and redevelopment and reconstruction disputes.

“As a mere 'street lawyer', I'm quite overwhelmed and deeply moved that I could be considered one of the top lawyers. It is truly unexpected."

Jin Woo Jeon, who was interviewed by the Law Times following his recent recognition, humbly introduced himself as a 'street lawyer' and said, "Since I was a junior, I have been directly involved in the field, attending shareholders' meetings and board meetings. So I was able to know the company's situations inside and out and quickly grasp the intention and background of the client's question. In addition, it is part of my know-how to have in-depth conversations with clients to convey new knowledge and experiences, and to find out about the current situations of the company first and proactively reach out to clients when I detect legal issues." "A lawyer can only be judged by the results. A lawyer who treats as the client’s matter as his own is a lawyer who gets the closest to the right answer, who I believe is a good lawyer," he added.

The “2024 Law Firm Consumer Report” is a record of the struggle and competition between law firms in the legal market, and LIN's growth is far from over. LIN has been recognized in the market for its unparalleled capabilities and expertise by producing the "best lawyers," and will continue to move forward with pride and confidence.

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