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LIN adds 45 professionals, including Jai Yun Lim, to strengthen its capabilities in finance, international transactions, and more
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LIN (Managing Partner Jin Seok Lim) has recently attracted a great deal of attention by hiring a total of 45 professionals, including 36 lawyers such as attorney Jai Yun Lim, 6 foreign lawyers, and 3 advisors over the past year. In addition to finance and international transactions, where LIN is already known to excel, it is said to have further strengthened its expertise in various fields such as antitrust and virtual assets.

Jai Yun Lim · Sang Man Kim · Hyun Su Do · Jeong Bong Lee

Jai Yun Lim (67, 13th class graduate of the Judicial Research and Training Institute, JRTI) joined the firm's finance team after working for Kim, Chang & Lee, Nara (managing partner), Sungkyunkwan University College of Law and Law School (professor of commercial law), and Yulchon (partner attorney). Lim is recognized for his expertise in corporate law and capital markets law, having been named “Best Lawyer in Capital Markets Law” four times - 2014, 2016, 2020, and 2022 - in a survey conducted jointly by The Law Times and the Korean Bar Association, and “Best Lawyer (Finance/Capital Markets)” in 2018 and 2021 in a survey conducted jointly by the Hankyung Business and the Korean Bar Association.

Sang Man Kim (57, 20th class graduate of the JRTI) joined the firm’s finance team after 30 years of experience in international finance, financial regulation, asset management, and capital markets at Shin & Kim, and two years of experience in fund mis-selling litigations and virtual assets at K1 Chamber. Kim was selected as an Eminent Practitioner in the field of capital markets in the 2022 edition of Chambers Global, marking the eighth consecutive year of him being selected as an Eminent Practitioner, and, in 2023, he was listed on the “Korea’s Top 100 Lawyers 2023” of Asia Business Law Journal, a prestigious legal magazine in Asia.

Hyun Su Do (50, 30th class graduate of the JRTI) has practiced in various fields, focusing on M&A and corporate governance, and, in 2018, he founded Oceans, which operated a cryptocurrency exchange, Probit. He rose to prominence in the legal world as a lawyer specialized in finance while working at Kim & Chang, the largest law firm in Korea, for 14 years from 2004.

Jeong Bong Lee (55, 30th class graduate of the JRTI) is a former chief of the Wonju Branch of the Chuncheon District Prosecutors’ Office, and, while he was working as a prosecutor for 22 years and eight months, he experienced various departments at the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office, including serving as the head of the Antitrust and Tax Crimes Division, and joined the firm last year after going into private legal practice.

On the other hand, Korean companies spent approximately 2.47 trillion KRW, which is a record high, on overseas legal services in 2023. This is attributable to the increase of both international disputes such as international arbitrations and overseas litigations ensuing from the expansion of Korean companies overseas, and transaction-related works such as cross-border M&A and securities issuance in overseas markets.

In addition, amid the growing importance of responding to ISDS after the occurrence of the Lone Star case followed by lawsuits against U.S.-based hedge funds Elliott Management and Mason Capital, the Ministry of Justice recently announced on Korea Online E-Procurement System of the Public Procurement Service that it will conduct a case study on economic and financial sanctions and international disputes in the context of ISDS from May to July to come up with measures to prevent and respond to international disputes. And the financial sector has predicted that ISDS is likely to increase as the investment of overseas capitals in Korean finance, stocks, and companies expands.

In light of this growing trend in international disputes, LIN has strengthened its capabilities in international disputes by hiring a U.S. attorney Lance B. Lee, formerly of Korea's largest law firm, Kim & Chang, and specialized in international disputes and litigations, and an Argentinian attorney David H. Yang, formerly of Shin & Kim and Yulchon.

LIN provides a wide range of legal services both domestically and internationally with the strength of our professionals who have a global reach. We promise to keep up with the changing legal environment and provide the best services to our clients.

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