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Recruitment Personnel
New Recruitments
Areas of Expertise
We are pleased to welcome Jung Bong Lee (Partner), Lance B. Lee (Foreign Legal Consultant - Partner), and Ki Suk Seol (Of Counsel) as new members of our Firm.

1. Jeong Bong Lee, Partner

-    Incheon Songdo High School(68th)
-    Yonsei University, Department of Law
-    Chungnam National University, School of Law
-    Korean Bar Examination (40th, 1998)
-    Judicial Research and Training Institute (27th)
-    University of Vienna – Criminal Justice Institute Visiting Scholar (2008)

Past) Incheon District Public Prosecutors’ Office – Prosecutor (2001)
Past) Daejeon District Public Prosecutors’ Office, Hongseong Branch – Prosecutor (2003)
Past) Incheon District Public Prosecutors’ Office, Bucheon Branch – Prosecutor (2005)
Past) Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors’ Office – Prosecutor (2007)
Past) Supreme Prosecutors’ Office - Prosecutor Researcher (2007)
Past) Busan District Public Prosecutors’ Office – Prosecutor (2013)
Past) Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) - Head of Strategic Analytics (2014)
Past) Chuncheon District Public Prosecutors’ Office, Gangneung Branch – Chief Prosecutor (2016)
Past) Daegu District Public Prosecutors’ Office, Seobu Branch – Chief Prosecutor, Criminal Division 3 (2017)
Past) Seoul Eastern District Public Prosecutors’ Office - Chief Prosecutor, Criminal Division 5 (2018)
Past) Seoul Southern District Public Prosecutors’ Office - Chief Prosecutor, Criminal Division 2 (2019)
Past) Supreme Prosecutors’ Office – Human Rights Policy Officer (2020)
Past) Gwangju District Public Prosecutors’ Office – Human Rights Protection Officer (2021)
Past) Chuncheon District Public Prosecutors’ Office – Chief of Wonju Branch (2022)
Past) Seoul High Prosecutors’ Office (Daegu District Public Prosecutors’ Office, Secondment(2023), Voluntary Resignation)
Current) LIN

Since his appointment as a prosecutor in 2001, Mr. Lee has served as a prosecutor at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, a researcher at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, a prosecutor at the Busan District Prosecutors' Office, a secondee at the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), a deputy prosecutor at the Seoul Eastern and Southern District Prosecutors' Offices, and a human rights policy officer at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, before finally retiring in 2023 as the Chief Prosecutor of the Wonju District Prosecutors' Office. During his 22 years and 8 months as a prosecutor, he discharged a wide range of cases, including intellectual property infringement, technology theft and unfair competition, medical malpractice, sexual assault, finance, taxation, homicide, special crime, public security, and human rights policy (due process compliance in investigations). Mr. Lee, who joined Lin as a partner in November 2023, plans to actively engage in various cases such as securities, finance, and corporate anti-corruption based on diverse investigative and theoretical experience accumulated from the prosecution. Lin boasts top domestic experts in responding to financial, corporate crimes, and other investigative matters, and we will strive to provide our clients with high-quality legal services.

2. Lance B. Lee, Foreign Legal Consultant (Partner)
-    Boston College Law School – J.D.
-    University of Virginia – B.A.

Past) Dentons Lee - Chief Operating Officer, Head of International Arbitration & Litigation and Partner, 2012-2023
Past) Kim & Chang - Partner
Past) STX Shipbuilding Corporation – Group General Counsel
Past) POSCO – Overseas Projects Team Leader
Past) U.S. Army JAG Corps – Trial Counsel, Prosecutor and Captain
Past) Gainer, Rient & Hotis - Attorney
Current) LIN – Head of International Arbitration & Litigation, Partner (Present)

Mr. Lee, a U.S. attorney, was responsible for various international arbitration and litigation cases for 11 years at Kim & Chang, representing numerous international corporations and diverse fields. Serving as General Counsel at STX Shipbuilding Corporation and Head of the International Legal Team at POSCO, he handled tasks such as international arbitration, international litigation, IP, corporate M&A, contract negotiations, and joint investments for global conglomerates. Subsequently, as a partner at the Seoul Office of Dentons, he worked for 11 years as the Head of the International Arbitration/Litigation Team, leading numerous international arbitration cases as lead counsel.

In 2024, for the first time in history, more than half of the global population will be holding elections, signaling the end of America’s “unilateral hegemony” and prompting the world to prepare for more disputes. With major industrial powers intensifying their industrial policies and protectionist measures to secure leadership in advanced and eco-friendly industries post-election, there is an anticipated increase in international disputes, particularly in advanced technology sectors such as semiconductors and information technology (IT). Mr. Lee, a foreign attorney leading the International Arbitration/Litigation Team, will leverage his experience and expertise to actively discharge legal advice on the prevention and resolution of international disputes for various global corporations based on his accumulated knowledge and professionalism.

3. Ki Suk Seol, Of Counsel 

-    Hongik University, Department of Architecture
-    Kyungpook National University, Graduate School of Law, 
-    KAIST, Intellectual Property Graduate School
-    Bar Examination (3rd)

Past) Eland Group, Legal Department
Past) Hyundai Engineering, Legal Department
Past) Ministry of Justice, Legal Affairs Officer
Past) Ministry of Justice, Legal Affairs Secretary
Current) LIN

Mr. Seol, as an in-house counsel for a large corporation, has accumulated expertise in a wide range of legal affairs that can arise within the company, including civil and criminal litigation and consultation, fair trade practices, compliance, intellectual property, construction, and labor-related dispute management. Subsequently, serving as a Legal Affairs Secretary at the Ministry of Justice, he handled administrative adjudication and litigation, legislation drafting and revision, interpretation of laws and rights, review of government and legislative bills, formulation of legislative strategies, improvement of attorney and notary systems, and enhancement of legal technology systems. Through these roles, he has built expertise in planning, administration, and legislation.

Amidst the ongoing challenges such as the increase in unsold and unoccupied properties, rising construction costs, high interest rates, and stagnation in real estate PF, it is anticipated that legal disputes and litigation among real estate market participants, including developers, contractors, financial institutions, trustees, and local housing associations, will continue to rise. Mr. Seol, who has served as an in-house counsel for a global integrated construction company, has handled a wide range of cases from civil and criminal matters to fair trade, construction, labor, and compliance issues, from the client's perspective, collaborating with various major law firms. Drawing upon his extensive practical experience accumulated in the field, he is committed to providing tailored solutions, not only advisory services but also litigation support, to corporate clients.

4. Recruitment of Foreign Lawyer
With recent concerns over deflation in China, attitudes of Korean companies towards China have become notably cautious. Consequently, there is a growing need for professional advice regarding entry into the Chinese market. Recognizing this demand, Lin has recently recruited Ms. Wenpu Yang (Chinese attorney), aiming to provide high-quality legal service that aligns with our clients’ business strategies and management objectives on various issues related to Sino-Korean business relations.

Going forward, Lin promises to continuously recruit verified talents in various fields to ensure customer satisfaction.
Areas of Expertise
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