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Lin Signs MOU with Korea New & Renewable Energy Association (KNREA)
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Mutual cooperation on new & renewable energy-related projects through legal services in the field of laws and regulations
On October 26, Lin signed an MOU with KNREA to promote the development of the domestic new & renewable energy industry.
The agreement was signed to provide various legal services to KNREA and its member companies, including information on new & renewable energy-related laws and regulations.
Through the agreement, the two parties agreed to cooperate on ▶ improving new & renewable energy-related laws and systems ▶ providing legal advice on new & renewable energy ▶ and training on new & renewable energy.
In line with the trend of carbon neutrality, Lin will exert its best to promote the sustainable development of the renewable energy industry, which can replace conventional energy using fossil fuels and nuclear power.
For more information, please visit KNREA website below.
Areas of Expertise
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