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[Law Firms to Watch 2021] LIN, 50% increase in the revenue last year
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Starting to take a leap as a full-service law firm
LIN set its new year’s management goals to enhance its productivity and to achieve a dramatic increase of its credibility, as it became registered as a law firm that is subject to restricted employment of retired public officials for the first time this year, where only law firms with annual revenue of KRW 10 billion or more may be registered as the foregoing. Since it became categorized as a midsize law firm (with over 100 workers) which is now subject to restricted employment of retired public officials, LIN is setting the year of 2021 as its first year to take a leap as a full-service law firm.

LIN’s revenue amounted to approximately KRW 15 billion last year, which is 50% higher than its revenue of KRW 10 billion in 2019 and considered a very good performance amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, LIN’s rapid growth has already been confirmed in each of its individual cases.

LIN is representing Lime Asset Management in various civil and criminal cases arising out of the Lime incident and has been engaged in its liquidation procedure. LIN has also successfully led two corporations which were pending delisting from the stock exchange last year to continue trading and has been carrying out a Supreme Court case against a financial institution to recover under a claim of unjust enrichment the amount of which is approximately KRW 30 billion.

This year, LIN has selected the Tech Industry sector (noted by its synergy between the Tech Team led by Attorney Tae Eon Koo and the Intellectual Property Team formed by Attorney Yong Gap Kim), the Insolvency and Restructuring sector which has been recently formed, the financial industry sector, labor law sector, and the development of foreign clients to be the major areas of work expected to have a high performance this year.
The “M&A Expert,” Attorney Young Jae Shin to join soon
Along with the above, the sectors of particular note include the Defense Industry sector (where Attorney Su Cheol Noh who served as a former Director General of the Legal Affairs Management of the Ministry of National Defense joined at the end of last year), and the M&A Team (which include Attorney Young Jae Shin who has long served at large law firms, Attorney Sung Yong Chae from Bae, Kim & Lee LLC, Attorney Hark Hun Kim who worked as a partner for a long period of time at Lee & Ko, and Foreign Attorney Hyun Sang Youn). In addition, Attorney Hyo Jin Lee who recently joined LIN is specialized in immigration law. LIN also plans to set up its representative office in the United States.

Legal Times, Jin Won Kim
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