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LIN, Fifty-five professionals in two years
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Fifty-five professionals in two years
Fostered by a trusted partnership structure
where members have equal voting rights

​LIN is recognized as an exemplary law firm in Korea as exhibited by its impressive growth since the firm’s establishment in June 2017. Since that time, LIN has attracted 55 professionals with 40 lawyers from notable law firms such as Kim & Chang, Yulchon, Lee & Ko and the managing partner Jin-Seok Lim whom was a senior partner at Kim & Chang. LIN’s expansion in the number of its professionals has led to a corresponding growth in the quality of its major practice areas such as finance, regulatory, corporate, labor and employment, M&A, litigation, IP & IT and tax, among others, that its larger and established competitors may have monopolized in the past. 

Legal Times, Jin Won Kim
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Areas of Expertise
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