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Interview with Tae Eon Koo, Attorney at Law Offices of LIN: "If we block innovation with old standards, we will lose platform sovereignty to foreign countries."

(LIN, Tae Eon Koo)
"Lex Dilationes Abhorret" When asked about the recent crisis of professional platform startups, Tae Eon Koo, a member of the Government Committee on Digital Platforms under the Presidency of the Republic of Korea, responded with a Latin legal maxim meaning "delayed justice is not justice.” The speed of change in existing standards, such as laws and institutions, is bound to lag behind innovation, and if the governmental ministries that are to timely determine the legality of such cases are silent, they are turning a blind eye to innovative companies, and if domestic innovative companies disappear, the existing industry will not monopolize the market, but rather cede platform sovereignty to foreign institutions."
On June 15, Tae Eon Koo, a lawyer at Law Offices of LIN, was interviewed by the media about the crisis of professional platform companies that has turned into a conflict between the new and the old.
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JoongAng Sunday, Reporter Kun Kang Hwang
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