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[Law Firms Now] LIN’s TMT Team "Delivers Customized and Optimal Solutions to Complex IT Technology and Regulatory Issues"
The information technology (IT) industry, which includes digital healthcare, broadcasting and telecommunications, e-commerce, mobility technology, gaming, and artificial intelligence, requires not only legal interpretation, but also an accurate understanding of cutting-edge technologies and complex business structures.
LIN's Technology, Media, & Telecom (TMT) team is comprised of more than 30 legal professionals, including former judges and prosecutors, as well as former in-house counsels from IT companies and financial institutions, who have years of practical experience in various fields of the IT industry.
U.S. Attorney Chang Ha Yoo (from left), Kyung Oh Chung, Jin Kee Jung, Hye Kyung Lim, Chul Soo Kim, Hyun Yoon Choi,
TMT Team Leader Tae Eon Koo, Kyung Hee Park, Jung Tae Kim, Ji Won Jung, Dong Hwan Shin, and Ho Shik Jin
Tae Eon Koo (24th, Judicial Training Institute), Head of the TMT Team and a leading IT lawyer, has worked as a cybercrime prosecutor at the Computer Investigation Division (now the High-Tech Crime Investigation Division) since his days as a prosecutor and has practiced IT, IP (intellectual property), and digital forensics law. He has also provided legal and regulatory advice to innovative companies in the high-tech sector.
The TMT team also includes Kyung Oh Chung (33rd), formerly with the Korea Information Society and Development Institute; Eung Jun Jeon (33rd), a former engineering student; Eun Seok Park (20th), a former director of the Financial Supervisory Service; and Zu Un Kim (36th), a former compliance officer at an Internet bank. Furthermore, Chul Soo Kim (27th), a former deputy chief prosecutor with a track record of successfully prosecuting numerous cases involving virtual currency, and Kyung Hee Park (30th), who has extensive experience advising on foreign ICO, along with foreign attorneys Hye Kyung Christy Lim and Chang Ha Brian Yoo, offer high-quality services to both domestic and foreign clients by providing advice on overseas regulatory trends.
The TMT team excels at comprehending the complex issues that arise in the IT industry, and they go beyond merely interpreting the law to provide optimal solutions for our clients. By maintaining constant communication within the team, they offer customized responses for each case and provide high-quality advice akin to that of large law firms in an expedient manner, working closely with clients.
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Asia Economics, Reported by Daehyun Kim,
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