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[Best Law Firms in Korea] LIN continues rapid growth
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A fast growing law firm with lawyers from governmental offices and other law firms

​LIN is acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing law firms. According to LIN, founded in June 2017 by prominent lawyers from Kim & Chang and other major law firms in Korea, LIN has grown to 89 members (including 55 foreign and domestic lawyers), which is about five times the size it was when it first formed in 2017 (with 16 members). While there might be different views as to what constitutes rapid growth, it would be hard to ignore LIN's accomplishment during the last four years.

​Attorney Hyun Duck Hwang, who served as the deputy prosecutor general until February 2020 at Chuncheon District Prosecutor's Office before he joined Lin, is expected to provide a high-quality legal service in financial/securities/tax crime, corruption and labor cases. Attorney Hong Chul So and attorney Youn Huh, both who recently joined LIN, served as judges for more than 11 years respectively and are litigation experts.

​In addition, numerous other attorneys joined LIN this year; such as attorney Sung Yong Chae, a former Bae, Kim & Lee LLC lawyer whose practice area is in advising on domestic and cross-border M&As and has experience as an executive director of the investment division of an asset management company; attorney Won-Hwe Chung who was the general counsel of S&T Group and has experience in the defense industry, automotive parts industry, plants, and savings banking practices; attorney Jin Kee Jung who worked at various defense organizations and has experience in the defense industry; attorney Kee Jeong Kim who was an IP lawyer at Yulchon LLC; Australian solicitor Hee Seup Shin with experience in Standard Chartered Securities Korea, Macquarie Securities, and ING Securities as a in-house counsel; and US attorney Yoon Suh Lee who was a senior legal counsel at HSBC Seoul Branch and a legal director at The Bank of New York Mellon, Seoul Branch.

Participant for two years in building the Big Data Industry

​According to the Managing Partner Jin Seok Lim, who was one of the founding members of LIN, LIN is the only law firm which has been involved in building the government-led Big Data Industry.

​Recent notable cases represented by LIN include arranging consensus for a dispute related to the fire accident in Icheon Logistics Warehouse by LIN's HR team, and the representation for taxi drivers from "Tada Premium" at the court to invalidate the expulsion decision made by the Seoul Private Taxi Transportation Business Association.

Legal Times, Jin Won Kim
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